Account Management

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The account oversight portal empowers company administrators to generate and oversee access to the HIVE suite of tools and the content housed within HIVE. Administration can seamlessly occur from any web-enabled device, ensuring accessibility to crucial tasks from virtually any location.

The Challenge

Being tethered to your desk and computer for basic management tasks can be inconvenient. Whether you’re away from the office or standing at a user’s workstation, the need to swiftly grant access to a toolset or a specific segment of it can be pressing.

Key Highlights

Group Oversight

Instances may arise where control over access to HIVE libraries needs to be consistently managed for multiple users. The HIVE group oversight web interface simplifies this process remarkably.

User Oversight

The management of users is a task that can be entirely accomplished through the web interface. Any company administrator can effortlessly navigate to the web page, add or modify a user, and establish group associations from any location with an internet connection.

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