Project Activity Logger – Hive Analytics

Project Activity Logger – Hive Analytics
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HIVE CMS, developed by CTC Software, serves as a comprehensive content management tool. Originally a Revit plug-in, it has evolved into standalone software capable of storing various digital file types. It is essential to note that HIVE is not designed for file editing but functions more as a project support repository.

Project Activity Logger (PAL) operates in conjunction with HIVE, specifically for Revit users. PAL collects information about users, projects, and more, sending this data back to the HIVE storage. Admins can access analytical tools in the web interface to interpret this data, which remains invisible to end-users, operating in the background during Revit local copy interactions.


The admin portal in HIVE encompasses three toolsets: Enterprise, Project, and CMS. The Enterprise section includes an overview, user statistics, Revit versions, and Revit Add-ins.

In the user stats section, office and department tabs provide insights into HIVE installations for data collection in larger firms. Additionally, tabs below user stats display Revit versions by machine, allowing identification of deployment issues.

Revit Add-ins reveal installed software tools on each machine, enabling collaboration between BIM managers and IT for proper software installation.


Under the Projects tab, users can track jobs, view project contributors, and access information on file names, largest files, and more. Model summaries provide details on file links, work sets, phases, design options, views, families, and warnings.


The CMS tracking portal displays usage statistics, search data, and adoption rates. Sub-menus like Revit content and tags offer insights into loaded families, categories, and search effectiveness.


The download section provides files, including a Power BI template and three Excel files referencing data types. Power BI offers enhanced data visualization, revealing individual statistics and potential issues within Revit files.


Excel can handle up to one million lines of data; additional entries beyond this limit may be managed using CTC’s BIM Data Suite, which operates on a SQL Server. This tool can collect extensive data and allows for parsing or deletion as needed.

PAL can track open and save/sync times across different project locations, making it versatile. The Power BI template is user-friendly and can be utilized with a free license, with paid versions available for additional functionalities.

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