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HIVE empowers users to swiftly search and locate precisely the content they need for their projects. The ability to find required content quickly and efficiently enhances productivity significantly. Design models remain streamlined without unnecessary file size growth from overloaded content, resulting in smoother project execution and improved navigability.

Identifying the Challenge

Users often encounter difficulties or waste time navigating through complex folder structures. Folder arrangements lack critical file details, tags, or metadata. File names fail to distinguish which content is suitable for project use. BIM Management faces challenges in maintaining, updating, and enhancing content libraries across various departments and locations.

Key Features

Design Application Specialization

HIVE caters to the needs of specialized design applications like Autodesk Revit. This allows users to leverage project-specific views, custom data, and special application commands from a unified source. HIVE’s one-stop shopping for content facilitates easy implementation, enabling users to work at their most efficient pace.

Search and Filter

Effortless content administration is achieved through the ability to search and filter by automatic file properties and content parameters. Users always have access to all content parameters, providing confidence that desired content can be easily found.


To enhance searchability, users can tag content with additional metadata, ensuring improved search results and faster searching.

Search Result Meta-Data

HIVE appends users’ search criteria as they find, use, or open content. This data proves valuable for analyzing user search patterns, enabling more effective library and content management for HIVE administrators.

Save Searches

Users can save complex search criteria, enhancing productivity when searching for desired content in the future.

Content Details

For added certainty, users can open content details to search and investigate all data stored within the content. This transparency within a single application is rare but highly valuable.

Drag/Drop Into Design Model

HIVE allows users to seamlessly integrate found content into their design applications through drag-and-drop functionality or double-clicking, depending on the context. This streamlined process enables users to search, investigate, and use content from a unified source efficiently.

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