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Project Analytics by HIVE offers a powerful tool for gaining insights into model performance. This information plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency of a project, making general model management significantly more straightforward. With comprehensive knowledge of every model across all projects, BIM management gains the ability to make informed decisions earlier in the model development cycle, ultimately enhancing team performance.

Addressing the Challenge

Issues with project models or files can lead to a loss of productivity among project team members. The severity of the problem directly correlates with the amount of time teams spend being unproductive. This wasted time not only reduces design efficiency but also induces stress and financial costs. A poorly performing design model or a model that crashes impacts more than just the design team; it compels BIM Managers to halt valuable work in other areas of the firm to address issues and restore the design team’s productivity.

Key Highlights

Real-time Performance Monitoring

HIVE analytics continuously logs the speeds at which files are opened and saved while users are actively working. This functionality empowers BIM Managers to grasp the real-time performance of models. Any file exhibiting a significant slowdown can be promptly investigated to identify and address the factors contributing to performance degradation.

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